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Scar removal is an extremely common request. Whether the result of injury, surgery, injury, skin problems, infection, or inflammation; scars effect almost everyone.

Although scar formation is a natural part of your body’s healing process, scars can be a source of distress and sometimes even hinder movement.

Even though complete scar removal is not 100% possible, there are in fact many possible treatments that can dramatically reduce the visibility of your scar tissue.

Pittsburgh’s best dermatologists at the Golla Center for Dermatology, are experts in multiple scar reduction treatment options.

Intra Lesional Cortisone Injections

Intra-Lesional Cortisone Injections

This process is quick and almost painless. A diluted corticosteroid is injected directly into your scar tissue. This method is very effective in shrinking keloid and hypertrophic scars.
Scar Treatment Laser: Vbeam®, AffirmTM

Scar Treatment Laser: Vbeam®, AffirmTM

Both the Affirm and Vbeam lasers have been FDA approved treat scars. The Vbeam laser creates a mild burst of light energy that is extremely effective on vascular lesions, stimulates collagen production, greatly improves your skin texture, and minimizes redness. The first treatment may provide visible results, however we recommend several Vbeam treatments to truly reduce a scar’s visibility. The Affirm laser destroys your unwanted collagen in the scar and also stimulates new collagen formation which is more natural looking and similar to your normal skin around the scar, allowing it to blend better.

Our Pittsburgh patients have seen incredible scar reduction improvements here at the Golla Center for Dermatology.

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