What Is Nutrafol?

Nutrafol is a supplement that is designed to improve hair follicle health. There are formulas for men and women, specifically targeting hormonal challenges for each gender that can impact hair growth. The all-natural formula uses super antioxidants, herbs and hormonal support nutrients to ensure all the systems that impact hair growth are in optimal health. Nutrafol fights stress and hormonal imbalances that can impact the hair, helping stimulate better hair growth.

Nutrafol For Men

A break through smart supplement for hair loss

As a man, you no longer have to accept your hereditary fate: thinning hair, a receding hairline, male pattern hair loss. Take a proactive approach to maintaining a head of healthy hair with NUTRAFOL® at the very first sign that hair is beginning to thin.

NUTRAFOL® — a ‘smart’ supplement, with natural nutraceutical ingredients specifically designed to target the multiple root causes of hair loss, including blocking the DHT hormone without any harmful side effects, revitalizes and restores follicles to help prevent hair loss and reverse thinning hair. And it is your single best defense against future hair loss.


Nutrafol For Women

Nutrafol Women (Women 18-44)

Nutrafol Women is a 100% drug-free hair regrowth nutraceutical supplement that is scientifically proven to help women regrow their hair. The Nutrafol formula targets various underlying causes that compromise hair growth. In one clinical study, 90% of women saw improvement in their hair growth and volume. The product also works to improve the shine, softness, density, fullness, and overall manageability of the hair. Nutrafol is medical-grade and recommended by over 2,000 physicians worldwide for correcting both hair loss and hair thinning.

Women’s Balance (45+)

Nutrafol Women’s Balance, formerly Core for Women Plus, is scientifically proven to help women age 45 and older thicken and regrow their hair. This innovative hair supplement is ideal for the unique needs of menopausal and post-menopausal women.

Menopause dramatically declines estrogen and progesterone, leaving testosterone levels higher than before menopause. This along with increase stress hormones, a decline in stored antioxidants in the hair, and changing metabolism and nutritional needs leads to hair thinning, receding hairline, and hair loss. Women’s Balance was made to counteract these root causes in order to make the hair fuller and thicker.

Using a 100% drug-free formula, this nutraceutical supplement uses Synergen Complex, a unique blend of 21 ingredients each of which are clinically effective in hair regrowth and improving the overall quality of the hair. Recommended by over 2,000 physicians nationwide, Women’s Balance has been shown to improve hair growth, thickness, and scalp coverage in as little as 2 months of use. Users also report a significant lessoning of hair shedding while taking the supplement. Women’s Balance can be used on all types of hair. Bottle contains a 3 month supply (360 capsules)


The first-of-its-kind postpartum hair nutraceutical is now available from Nutrafol. Postpartum was developed with an OB/GYN to target the root causes of excess hair shedding and thinning post-pregnancy. It is intended to help the body recover from the physical stress of childbirth, adapt to the emotional stress of being a mother, and filling nutritional gaps with natural ingredients for thicker and stronger growing hair.


Welcome to Golla Center for Dermatology in Pittsburgh, your trusted partner for comprehensive hair wellness. Introducing Nutrafol, a scientifically-backed supplement designed to nourish your hair from the inside out. Our expert dermatologists recommend Nutrafol for its transformative effects on hair health. With a blend of natural ingredients, targets the root causes of hair thinning and promotes thicker, healthier strands. Discover the confidence that comes with revitalized hair. Consult with our specialists at Golla Center and embark on your journey to a fuller, more vibrant head of hair.

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