Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis Treatment

This chronic disease can develop when a patient’s immune system begins to send faulty signals which cause skin cells to grow too rapidly. The body can’t shed the excess cells, so instead they pile up skin’s surface, causing patches of psoriasis to occur. Psoriasis Treatment patches are usually red and have coarse silvery or white scaling. Although patches can be small, sometimes they grow to cover much larger areas. The scalp, elbows, and knees are the most common areas for symptoms to appear, although psoriasis can occur anywhere on your skin.  

Types of Psoriasis

These are the common types of psoriasis:

Psoriasis cannot be contracted by touching someone who has the condition. Genetic factors largely determine whether psoriasis will occur, however, it frequently appears in patients without family history of the condition.

Psoriasis Treatment

The treatment plan we recommend can use ointments, lotions, or creams to suppress and control your patches. We would be happy to give you a full consultation to diagnose and customize a treatment plan that fits your specific needs.

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