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Microneedling Treatment

What is Microneedling

This Microneedling Treatment procedure is also sometimes called collagen induction therapy and uses tiny sterile needles to repeatedly puncture your skin thus creating superficial wounds which stimulate your body to produce collagen regrow damaged skin.

Microneedling Treatment can be traced back to 1905 and is recognized internationally as one of the most effective and safest ways to treat scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, and lax skin.

Conditions effectively treated by Microneedling Treatment

Shorter needle penetrations can smooth and enhance your skin while longer needles can cause a collagen response useful in atrophic acne scar cases.

Microneedling Treatment FAQ’s

What are the Benefits of Microneedling?2019-09-05T22:12:34+00:00

Microneedling can reduce your wrinkles and fine lines, and give you youthful looking skin by decreasing signs of aging.

Eclipse MicroPen® may also has a positive effect on the appearance of hypo-pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, traumatic scars, stretch marks, and acne scares and usually gives a glow or younger appearance to your skin.

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How Long Does The MicroPen Procedure Take?2019-09-02T19:06:34+00:00

15-30 minutes is the average time required for the MicroPen procedure depending on the size of the area treated.

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Are there any risks or side effects associated with microneedling?2019-09-05T22:18:26+00:00

Microneedling side effects are minimal and usually disappear within the first 48 hours. These extremely minimal side effects may include redness and tightness of the skin, itching and stinging.

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Is Microneedling safe?2019-09-05T22:14:41+00:00

This treatment has little to no downtime and heals quickly. Aftercare is extremely simple and can be easily taken care of at home.

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Is there downtime involved following a Microneedling treatment?2019-09-05T22:08:03+00:00

Usually there is not, however some patients report red skin similar to a sunburn for up to 48 hours after they undergo the procedure. You can usually return to your normal daily activities right away following the procedure. Patients can use mineral make up as a breathable cover up for any redness after 24 hours.

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Why Would I Choose Microneedling Over Laser?2019-09-05T22:24:53+00:00

Microneedling is often used to augment laser treatment plans. However patients with highly pigmented skin sometimes want to avoid the risk of heat-induced pigmentation. In these cases needling is a safe alternative. Microneedling is also a more affordable option than laser because the equipment cost is lower.

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How Quickly Does Microneedling Work2019-09-05T22:22:30+00:00

Because microneedling is a relatively mild treatment, you’ll require a several sessions spread out over anywhere between 3 and 6 months. You must commit to multiple treatments in order to get your desired results.

Patients with acne scars usually require between 6 and 8 treatments although that number is decreased when combined with laser treatment.

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Is Microneedling Painful?2019-09-05T22:27:11+00:00

Microneedling can be mildly uncomfortable at depths required for scar revision cases, but this is easily mitigated with a numbing gel applied topically to the skin before the procedure. Lighter treatments are comparable to the feeling of brushing sandpaper on your skin.

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Pittsburgh’s top dermatologists at the Golla Center for Dermatology offer the latest techniques with the shortest recovery times in the safest and most relaxing environment in Pittsburgh.

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Eclipse MicroPen & Automated Needling

This revolutionary microneedling device provides several advantages over other cosmetic devices like dermal needle rollers and lasers.

Pittsburgh’s best dermatologists at the Golla Center for Dermatology use the Eclipse MicroPen as it achieves the best results for almost all skin types while providing the greatest level of safety for our clients. The MicroPen’s advanced technology cuts the procedure time down to 10-15 minutes. Additionally the MicroPen can also customize treatment depending on your unique skin conditions and requirements.

Microneedling Treatment Before & After Pics

Overall texture and appearance is drastically improved by Microneedling.

Acne treatmentMicroneedling
Light treatment

What is Microneedling

Light treatment: When using a shorter microneedle, your skin may feel warm and sensitive. Light procedures can cause skin redness for one or two days.

More aggressive levels: With the goal of changing your skin at deeper levels such as acne scarring cases. You might experience pinpoint bleeding (stops almost instantly), mild swelling, and what is referred to as “bronzing” when microscopic pinpoints of blood dry and shed.

You may also experience skin tightness. We recommend a sunblock for use during the recovery phase and you should avoid acid or irritant products outside of the detailed aftercare plan we will give you. Treat your skin gently and avoid picking at an areas recently treated.

Microneedling Treatment

Rejuvenate your skin

Pittsburgh’s best Dermatologists at the Golla Center for Dermatology are ready to give you the clear and brilliant skin you have always dreamed of.

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