Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea Treatment in Pittsburgh

This skin condition is so common that an estimated 5% of the population experiences its symptoms. Usually mistaken for acne, the central face and eyelids are their primary targets. Rosacea commonly has two main symptoms:

Understanding Rosacea Causes

While rosacea has no cure, but there are several viable treatment options offered at the Golla Center for Dermatology in Pittsburgh. Often treating your skin gently help can reduce flare-ups. Removing chemical and mechanical irritants from your skincare routine and replacing them with a mild cleanser can be greatly reduce facial redness.

Mechanical irritant examples:

  • Scrub containing particles
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Coarse washcloths

Chemical irritant examples:

  • Acidic treatments like retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and even vitamin C
  • Sun Exposure

Sunscreen is advised in all cases. Our excellent team of the best dermatologists in Pittsburgh can recommend treatments that will work best for your sensitive skin.

Rosacea Treatment

In more difficult cases, prescription medications applied topically, and even oral antibiotics may be required. These options directly target pimples and red bumps and have proven safe to use for extended periods of time.

New medications are currently being developed for treatment of rosacea redness. Currently laser treatments for background redness and spider veins is the best option. These laser treatments are available in our Pittsburgh office.

Contact Pittsburgh’s top dermatologists at the Golla Center for Dermatology today for a consultation regarding your rosacea. We are ready to provide you with the best treatment options for your unique case.

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