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As you age gracefully, you may start to notice that your formerly youthful-looking skin slowly starts to dull and dry with the appearance of age spots, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, and sometimes even begins to sag.

These facial changes are an inherent part of your natural aging progression. When your skin begins to lose moisture and elasticity, it will slowly start to thin and its ability to heal will slow drastically.

The corners of your mouth, around your eyes, and your forehead are the areas most noticeably effected.

The biggest contributing factors in premature aging are artificial tanning and sun damage as the harmful UV rays cause collagen and elastin fibers to deteriorate which results in weak skin that shows noticeable wrinkles and sagging.

Some factors beyond your control can also cause wrinkles to appear.

As you know, it’s impossible to completely stop natural aging, but Pittsburgh Dermatologists at the Golla Center are able to provide fine lines & wrinkles treatment which restore your youthfulness and refresh your skin.

Wrinkle Treatments Now Available in Pittsburgh

The Golla Center for Dermatology in Pittsburgh offers a wide range of various laser treatments, skin care products, and cosmetic procedures for wrinkles. The best treatment for you depends on the severity of your skin issue and can include any the following options:


Botox Cosmetic® is an extremely popular injection which has proven to improve both moderate and severe frown lines appearing between the forehead and eyebrows. It is also an effective treatment for bunny lines and crow’s feet. This non-surgical option reduces muscle activity which is the root cause of fine lines in these areas. Botox is FDA approved and extremely safe. Pittsburgh’s best dermatologists at The Golla Center for Dermatology have been recognized repeatedly for their BOTOX injections.

Botox Cosmetic
BOTOX injections
BOTOX injections

Similar to BOTOX, using Dysport® helps relax your muscles ad can be great for minimizing crow’s feet or neckbands neckbands.

DysportDermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Injectable fillers can be used to fill out lines and sunken areas with FDA-approved products such as BELOTERO BALANCE®, RADIESSE®, JUVÉDERM®, Perlane, and Restylane® for Pittsburgh patients. These convenient fillers give immediate results which restore the fullness of your skin, smooth your wrinkles, sculpt thin lips, and shape your chin, cheeks, and even your jawline.


This laser treatment removes wrinkles and fine lines that are the result of and sun exposure. It targets all three layers of your skin with safe light energy, causing the skin’s natural collagen to minimize creases that are are responsible for wrinkles. Affirm laser therapy is quick and has a minimal recovery time. Most of our patients report being able to return to their normal daily routine the day following the procedure. We recommend a series of four or five treatments spaced out over three to four weeks for the best results.

wrinkles and fine linesaffir laser crowsfeet after pic pittsburgh dermatologist.jpg
affirm treatment acne scarsaffirm treatment acne scars

Juverderm Voluma XC™ is an FDA-approved injection filler primarily for the face to increase volume and combat sagging skin. Voluma also hydrates and can achieve greater volume often with minimal swelling for our patients. Treatment is fast with very little discomfort.


Lunch Time Peels

These quick and simple glycolic peels are very effective at removing fine wrinkles, brown spots, and sun damage with little to no recovery time. Trichloroacetic acid can also be used in different strengths, but can require some recovery time due to their increased strength.

At Home Treatments

Medications such as glycolic acid; retinoic acid (Retin-A); Replenix®; and Revaleskin® can be prescribed by Dermatologists at the Golla Center for effective convenient treatment at home.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Patients treated at the Golla Center in Pittsburgh have been extremely happy with the improvement of their skin. Let us create a custom treatment plan to fulfill your needs!

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